En la temporada de la muerte de mi madre/ On the Season of my Mother’s Death

Por Adalberto Guerra Yo tenía los ojos en esa foto de niñocomo los ojos vidriosos de un toro entristecido,como solo en la tierra tenía yo los ojosen esa foto en la que mi madre clavó dos alfilerescon la finísima delicadeza de una campesina;que queriendo huir se quedó allí cuidando mi alma tanto tiempoque envejeció sinSigue leyendo “En la temporada de la muerte de mi madre/ On the Season of my Mother’s Death”

Devenir / Becoming

… … BECOMING Strangeness of beingtailing hesitantthe serpentine trailsof sorrow. I await the non-being. Without drawing away from youfar already, I amwalking barefootstill on the abyss. Fortune, living, earning lifewith poetry on my backlying over the polesand the wires and the gutsof this entire city. Without calm, with calamitywith desperation and yetwith poetry. By GalileoSigue leyendo “Devenir / Becoming”

Reflecting on Reflections

Xavier Villaurrutia (1903 – 1950) was a Mexican poet and playwright whose famous works are the short theatrical dramas called Autos profanos. His notable works also include his poetic writings Reflejos and Nocturnos. THE KINDNESS OF LIFE A humble truth as rest,a peaceful silence, a beloved book;all known, and all remembered,a quite daily wake-up in the hamlet. NotSigue leyendo “Reflecting on Reflections”